Thank you for coming to this site, which describes my therapy practice. Psychotherapy is a way to address a number of issues in people’s lives. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in a mood, such as sadness or grief, and want to get beyond it. You might experience the same unpleasant thoughts coming to you again and again, so that you’re fearful about the future. Or the thoughts are about something that happened to you in the past, and you have difficulty feeling safe or trusting people. There may have been a major change in your life, or one is currently in process or on the horizon—a change of health status, yours or that of someone you care for, or the loss of a relationship, or noticing yourself move from one age of your life to the next. You might be successful in your career, achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself, but notice that there’s a place where you feel chronically exhausted or inauthentic. Or you may observe that, even though your relationships are otherwise satisfactory, you must perform in some way in order to maintain them, or perhaps even to feel that you deserve them. It might be that you have behaviors that previously worked well for you—providing enjoyment and relaxation—but that are now becoming associated with problems, and are difficult to discontinue. Or it may be that you sometimes become aware of a terrible feeling of fear or shame, emptiness or abandonment, and it’s become important to you to address this.


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