Interns and the BBS personal therapy requirement

If you’re collecting hours towards your licensure you know that one of the categories is personal psychotherapy. While the clinical supervision you get at your site can address countertransference issues it’s not meant to take the place of therapy (nor can it, without involving everyone concerned in dual relationships).

The self-knowledge gained in therapy is essential to those of us doing this work. It can decrease the likelihood of unconscious projections onto your clients, and support you in recognizing when your feelings are a result of your clients’ projections. It provides an exploration of your values to support differentiating them from those of the people you sit with. Values related to spirituality, political stance, recovery.

I have extensive experience providing both direct services and clinical supervision to clinicians working in the trenches. Because of this I’m familiar with the issues that come up. I also have experience in providing therapy to interns and other providers. I facilitate a free-flowing yet systematic exploration of what’s behind the scenes, resonating to—and sometimes interfering with—the work you do.

After looking around this site to get a sense of what I do, please feel free to contact me with any questions you have, or to schedule an initial consult at no cost to you, so that we can discuss your current requirements.