I have been trained in Depth psychology, Gestalt, Narrative, Cognitive Behavior therapy and in the evidence-based practice Seeking Safety. This positions me to offer you a unique level of support as we work towards achieving your goals, from finding out what drives your current distress, to helping you gain understanding and mastery over it, to decreasing its impact on your behavior and level of functioning.

As well as my private practice I have provided services at LA Shanti, AIDS Service Foundation, AIDS Service Center, Miracle Mile Community Counseling, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Portals House and Pacific Clinics. I’ve provided clinical supervision and training to mental health interns towards their licensure requirements. I’ve directed multiple community mental health and residential recovery programs. I’ve led support groups for bereavement, men’s midlife issues, writing and HIV-related issues, as well as for new therapists.

I’m the author of two collections of traditional fairy tales re-told to gay men, both from major publishing houses. These tales describe psychological processes including claiming identity, adapting to the world without loss of self, and the encounter with mortality. You can check these books out at my author’s page on Amazon, here.

As well, you can review my blog Emblemata by following this link.


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