“Peter Cashorali has been a trusted colleague for many years, and I confidently refer clients to him.  He has proven to be sensitive to diversity, knowledgeable of mental illness, and skilled at dealing with stressful life issues such as relationships, job loss or conflict, health concerns, and more.  He has been great with any type of client that has come his way. I have consulted with him on difficult cases and continue to value his counsel.” Raquel Neidhold, MS, LMFT

“Professional, respectful, fair, articulate, and intentional are Peter’s adjectives. He is learned, and a learner, always grappling with new ideas, revising old ones, and being intellectually synergistic. Creativity is also central to Peter, for it fuels his desire to live meaningfully and impact others positively.”       Benjamin Kim, Pastor, Psychotherapist, Adjunct Professor

“I had the pleasure of working under Peter’s supervision for a number of years.  Peter is a warm, calm and experienced therapist.  Peter has a unique ability to talk through difficult topics and processes without overwhelming the person he is talking to.  Peter remembers small details, while still grasping the ‘bigger picture.’  He is an excellent clinician and I’m grateful to have benefitted from Peter’s mentorship.”     Hannah Thomson, LCSW

“I had the privilege of working beside Peter for many years and seeing someone with an amazing understanding of human behaviors. His insight would often produce a new way of looking into what was REALLY happening, and therefore provide needed answers. His stories are filled with wisdom and humor that often bring a greater meaning to what one is seeking help for. Peter definately has a gift and his compassion for the struggles and suffering of others offer answers to the pain of our human experience.”      Martay Breeze, LVN

“I have always found Peter to be an inspirational colleague, an attentive and caring therapist, an effective and creative social worker and an intensely fascinating human being.”       Robert Koyle, LMFT

“Peter has a long, solid history of helping people from all backgrounds. He’s especially good with people who think no one else is like them or will really be able to help them. What good does talking do? Call Peter, meet with him, you talk and he’ll listen without judgment. He’ll respectfully help you find your strengths, put things into perspective, and help you work it out so you can move forward. Peter and I have worked together assisting the person in the room who is hurting. I’ve seen his skill, compassion, and the improvement his therapy clients have made. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and frequently refer clients to Peter. I wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t a good, skilled, and ethical Marriage and Family Therapist.”     Karen Sprague, LCSW

“Peter has a natural and compelling gift for doing therapeutic work. I have often found his thoughts on the therapeutic process to be full of thought provoking wisdom and insight.” Jon Matsumoto, LCSW

“Peter helped me grow as a clinician tremendously. He provided me with honest feedback regarding my work with clients and was always willing to assist me with processing counter-transference. When it came to differential diagnosing, he taught me best practices in terms of using the DSM, but kept me mindful of the person, never allowing me to forget we were working with real people and not scientific specimens. The number one trait that I learned from Peter was not one that he taught me verbally, but rather through his actions. Peter has a true heart for the underserved population. He taught me to employ excellent customer service skills and to always treat my clients with the utmost respect. I have now become a Team Leader and I make it a point to model this same idea to my staff and interns.”         Glenna Anderson, LCSW

“Peter is a dedicated, caring and compassionate therapist who I had the pleasure of working with for a number of years. Peter brings a thoughtful approach to his work and is always open to collaborating with other service providers to provide his clients with great service. He’s a pleasure to work with and know.”     Stacey Fuller, LMFT

“Peter was my program director at Pacific Clinics. He was an incredibly supportive, helpful and insightful leader. I would go to him with questions, dilemmas and concerns and he would answer my questions in a timely manner, as one professional to another. Thank you Peter for showing me what it is like to be a compassionate leader and team member. ”  Melissa Leibowitz, LCSW

“It was always a pleasure to work with Peter, particularly in relation to clients we shared. He impressed me with his ability to quickly grasp the outstanding issues with which a client might struggle. He could gently direct the client to resources that might be helpful. He was/is an effective group leader; his organizational and mental health training skills were manifest in his ability to lead ongoing mental health groups whose population struggled with diverse crippling issues that impaired their abilities to maintain a healthy life style.”                           Sandy Bibb, Independent Healthcare Worker

“Peter has my utmost respect for his quiet focus, giving 100% to each situation he is involved in! He shows great compassion, sensitivity, and discernment and is very effective in either interactions with clients or staff always exhibiting high levels of respect. I also appreciate his great sense of humor!”           Cindy Estipona, RN