Scheduling, frequency and contact

Each person’s goals and requirements are different. Depending on yours we might meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, after we’ve established a therapeutic alliance. In the interest of such an alliance being put in place as soon as possible, I usually recommend weekly sessions in the initial period.

I currently offer telehealth hours Monday through Friday, between 7am and 3:30pm. I make use of Zoom meetings. This format sends a link to your email address, usually about 15 minutes before appointment time, and requires that you have access to online video capabilities through a desktop, laptop or smart phone. I would invite you to make certain at your end that you have the privacy you require for in-depth dialogue.

I am located in the Portland Oregon area. I maintain licensure and membership in my professional organizations in both Oregon and California. This means I am able to legally and ethically provide services to people in either of these states. One of the requirements of renewing a Marriage and Family Therapist license is to complete 40 units of continuing and relevant education in each two-year period, including educational requirements in cultural diversity as well as law and ethics.

I suggest that we meet for an initial 40 to 60-minute consultation at no cost, so that we can explore your goals and see whether what I do is a match for what you seek. I can be reached at or at 323-533-3433 to schedule a consultation.